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Episode 1 · 2 years ago

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Hello Green County realtors. Daniel here was ZCI. If you aren't a realtor, you can still listen. It's likely still valuable, but maybe not applicable right away. Okay, I was meeting with a realtor friend of mine earlier this week and just asking him, you know, what are some of the needs and of realtors that potentially we could help out with, and there's quite a bit of value and overlap that we can provide you guys to help your clients get their houses sold quicker, maintain or increase the equity at little to no cost to them. So I want you guys to pay attention and please call us if you need anything. Let you know a little bit about our business. Okay, our big three things are local, honest and experienced. Now how that's going to Pat Ifit you in the house selling process for your client, is us being local. That means you're going to get fast, timely results and that means we have a very, very good understanding of the...

...local building codes. So we're going to know something's out of building code, even if it's something that's recently changed. We're going to take a look in the attic. We're going to make sure the ventilation is up to par. A lot of times we see clug soft avents. We see, you know, rotten decking from beneath. Now, yeah, your home inspectors are sometimes going to catch these things, but we've seen a lot of times where they either identify a problem on the roof that isn't quite as bad as they think it is or, vice versa, they don't notice something that's a red flag to us. So local, honest you're going to get that honest reporting. We are much, much more interested in the long term relationship and the value that we can bring you over time rather than a one time transactional job or repair. You know, we're going to tell you you know it looks great. We're not going to try to sell you on something you don't need, because that's only going to damage our reputation and not build over time. We're going to be transparent and we're going to let you know the things that you...

...need to be concerned about. Again, back to the building codes. We are very knowledgeable in those things, more so than most people, and then experienced. You'll see this especially on the insurance restoration side. And that brings us to the increased equity or certified to identify storm damage, and we've worked thousands of claims. So we can help your client get their house home ready to sell with little to no cost. If they're going through an insurance claim and maybe they're going to need to replace that roof to sell it, or the equity on their house is dropping because it's so old and outdated and has to be replaced. Now they pay their deductible and they get a tenzero dollar increase or ten thousand dollar price. They don't have to take off their their home when they sell. It so very inexpensive for insurance repairs and that can also help avoid the costly repairs that are sometimes suggested or required by the other parties, inspector. So if they come in and say, you know, there's all these problems, then it's going to slow the sale down for you.

It's you're going to have to address it, whereas if we come in ahead of time, then we can identify all these things and potentially get it fixed before that's ever an issue. And then our warranties, this is a huge thing. We're backed by both GF and Owens corning, which means that the manufacture these billion dollar companies are going to back our labor warranties and they're going to be transferable, so your client is able to take this warranty on a freshly replaced roof and say to the buyer this is now. You're warranty fully transferable, both labor and material. So those are some of the ways we can help you out. Check us out on BBB, a plus, Google, facebook, yelped everything five stars. Clients are our top priority, and that's both our relationships with realtors, insurance agents and the actual homeowner. So give us a call if you need anything, even if it's just a question. If you're not sure about a report you got or an inspection, let us know. Thank you.

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