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Episode 4 · 2 years ago

Insurance Agents & Homeowners: Don't make this mistake!


Insurance agents, stop losing your clients to a poorly handled claim. We want to show you how we know you have your clients best interest in mind when they are going into a claim situation, whether they asked you for advice prior or you're made aware that they filed a claim after the decision was made. Now we know you don't have a lot of power. Hopefully the insured does as well, that it's, you know, largely up to the adjuster at that point, the desk adjuster, the field adjuster, whoever it may be. But you can help them, and here's how. The best possible way is by referring them to a local, honest and experienced contractor, especially when it comes to insurance restoration. A lot of times these adjusters are going to come out and intentionally write a low ball claim. We've seen it hundreds of times. I think I have yet to see an insurance estimate that was written properly from the onset. Okay, now, the customer likely doesn't know how... fight this. You, as an agent, may or may not know how to approach that, how to go back and forth with the adjusters, but we, as insurance restoration professionals, definitely definitely know how. We're certified to identify damage. We're certified for water mitigation. We have artifications and writing, exact amate the commonly used estimating software. Great reviews, Google, a plus on the BBB. So it's up to you to point them in the right direction. We want to help you retain your clients by being an excellent resource for you who you can say, Call Zci. They know what they're talking about with this stuff. They can make sure all the damage is identified on the entire property and then they can write a proper scope of repairs to make sure that you're put back together right. Okay, so again are three big things. are local, honest and experienced. Now, how this is going to affect the process for you and your ensured clients is going to be that we're local. We know what storms hit and we know when. We know the date of loss, we know the Hale size, we know the...

...windspeed. Last year, for example, my house got hit by two in Chail. Now I was driving up to jobs with big hail dens in my truck, with a bag of hail still in my freezer, and adjuster is not going to question me when I say, yeah, I live right around the corner. Here's the damage right, so we we understand what hit. We're right here. We also have an excellent understanding of the building codes in the local area. That can change from state to state, definitely, but even from county to county. Sometimes some will be more strict than others. And lastly, we're quick. Now the way this is going to help is that we can get to the job as soon as a shingle blows off where they're tarping it up, performing the emergency repair so there's not further damage and the ensured has done their part to mitigate further damages. Okay, all very important in the restoration process. We're honest. Okay, we're not going to propose a method of repaired that isn't the right one. That's going to cost us a long term relationship that we value much, much more than an immediate transactional business. Okay, that's a big thing of ours. We would much...

...prefer to have a relationship with you as an insurance agent or policy holder, perform regular maintenance on your roof. We document as things go. We know the roofs in good shape. Now next week we have a big storm. Now we have all this documentation to pull on and say, Hey, it wasn't like this a week ago. Here's a new photos, here's what's changed, here's the recent damage, and that right there works wonders because it's irrefutable. Okay. And then it's going to keep the insured trusting you when they know that you're referring people who have their best interest in mind. You're not just letting infend for themselves or saying, well, you know, that's what the adjuster is going to do. No, you have resources for them who can help them get the right outcome. Okay, and experienced, we know the hoops that we have to jump through. We know the documentation process. We've done it thousands of times. Okay, we can set the expectations for you, if you want to be involved, or for the insured more likely, because again, we've seen it before. We know, hey, this is how it's likely going to go, these are the steps we're going to...

...have to take and this is the, you know, probable outcome, which, again, worst wonders to to know, hey, it's going to be a little bit of a fight. Sometimes you don't think it's going to be rainbows and UNICORNS. Don't worry about anything it's going to be perfect. That's rarely the case. So you want someone who understands that. And then again, going back to the maintenance thing, because this is huge to me. I would much rather inspect a property for free today and see no damage and then in a week, a month, a year from now, know exactly what the new damage was, because that's going to help you and your clients so much to have that documentation. So, even if you don't think you have damage or you don't think your clients have damage, get ahold of me. Tell them to get ahold of me so we can go out and document everything as it is now. That will save them a lot of headache in the long run. And then, lastly, we all of our warranties are backed by the manufacture. So, whether it be the shingle manufacturer gf or Owens corning, we are preferred and certified through both. So they're going to back all of our warranties. You have that peace of mind of all of our labor and material warrant he's being backed by billion dollar companies. So stick...

...with someone local, honest and experienced. ZCI RESU.

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