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Episode 4 · 1 year ago

Insurance Agents & Homeowners: Don't make this mistake!


Insurance agents stop losing yourclients to a poorly handled claim. We want to show you how we know you have your client's bestinterest in mind when they are going into a claim situation, whether theyasked you for advice prior or you're, made aware that they filed a claimafter the decision was made. Now we know you don't have a lot of power.Hopefully the in short does as well that it's, you know largely up to theadjuster at that point. The Desk Adgester the field adjusture, whoeverit may be, but you can help them and here's how the best possible way is byreferring them to a local, honest and experienced contractor, especially whenit comes to insurance restoration. A lot of times these adjusters are goingto come out and intentionally write a lowball clan we've seen it hundreds oftimes. I think I have yet to see an insurance estimat that was writtenproperly from the onset okay. Now the...

...customer likely doesn't know how tofight this. You as an agent may or may not know how to approach that, how togo back and forth with the adjusters, but we as insurance restorationprofessionals, definitely definitely know how we're certified to identifydamage we're certified for water mitigation. We have certifications inwriting, exactimate the commonly used estimating software gright reviews,Google aplus on the BBB. So it's up to you to point them in the rightdirection. We want to help you retain your clients by being an excellentresource for you who, you can say, calls Ci. They know what they'retalking about with this stuff. They can make sure all the damage is identifiedon the entire property, and then they can write a proper scope of repairs tomake sure that you're put back together right. Okay, so again, our three bigthings are local, honest and experienced. Now how this is going toaffect the process for you and your insured clients is going to be that we're local. We know what stormsand we know when we know the date of loss. We know the hail size. We knowthe wind speed last year, for example,... house got hit by two an chail. Now Iwas driving up to jobs with big Hail dents in my truck with a bag of hail.Still in my freezer and adjuster's not going to question me when I say yeah, Ilive right around the quarter. Here's the damage right, so we we understandwhat it we're right here. We also have an excellent understanding of thebuilding codes in the local area that can change from state to state,definitely but even from county to county. Sometimes some will be morestrict than others and, lastly, we're quick now. The way this is going tohelp is that we can get to the job as soon as a shingle blows off we're theretarping it up performing the emergency repair, so there's not further damageand the ensured has done their part to mitigate further damages. Okay, allvery important in the restoration process. We're honest, okay, we're notgoing to propose a method of repair that isn't the right one! That's goingto cost us a long term relationship that we value much much more than animmediate transactional business. Okay,...

...that's a big thing of ours. We wouldmuch prefer to have a relationship with you as an insurance agent or a policyholder, perform regular maintenance on your roof. We document as things go. Weknow the roofs in good shape now next week we have a big storm. Now we haveall this documentation to pull on and say: Hey. It wasn't like this. A weekago. Here's the new photos, here's what's changed, here's the recentdamage and that right there works wonders because it's irrefutable okay and then it's going to keep theinsured trusting you when they know that you're referring people who havetheir best interest in mind, you're, not just letting offend for themselveor saying. Well, you know that's what the adgesteris going to do. No, youhave resources for them who can help them, get the right outcome? Okay andexperienced. We know the hoops that we have to jump through. We know thedocumentation process, we've done it thousands of times. Okay, we can setthe expectations for you if you want to be involved or for the insurance morelikely, because again, we've seen it before we know hey. This is how it'slikely hoing to go. These are the steps...

...were going to have to take, and this isthe you know, probable outcome which again worse wonders to know: Hey it'sgoing to be a little bit of fight. Sometimes you don't think it's going tobe rainbows and UNICORNS. Don't worry about anything, it's going to beperfect, that's rarely the case, so you want someone who understands that andthen again going back to the maintenance thing, because this is hugeto me. I would much rather inspect a property for free today and see nodamage and then, in a week a month a year from now know exactly what the newdamage was, because that's going to help you and your client so much tohave that documentation. So, even if you don't think you have damage or youdon't think your clients have damage get ahold of me tell them to get a holdof me. So we can go out and document everything as it is now that will savethem a lot of headache in the long run and then, lastly, we all of ourwarranties are backed by the manufacturer, so whether it be thechingle manufacturer, GAF or Owens corning. We are preferred and certifiedthrough both so they're going to back all of our warranties. You have thatpiece of mind of all of our labor and material warrantyes being backed bybillion dollar companies. So...

...stick with someone local, honest andexperienced dcia.

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