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Episode 5 · 1 year ago

Drawing for Yeti Cooler


Drawing for the yeti cooler, gift card and other prizes.

Reach out ASAP so you don’t miss your chance to get a pre-storm inspection!

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Happy Friday, Green County andsurrounding communities Daniel here with CCI with Jesse here we are doingour drawing for this Yetti Cooler, a lows gift card for a hundred dollarsand a couple other small prizes. This is a awesome cooler and it's hard forme to give it away, because I actually really want one of these, but we toldyou guys we would giveit away to one of you and that's what we're going to do.So we had an awesome time at the hume and garden show where we have thisdisplayed, where we could enter to win. We had a great time connecting with youguys Jesse here was there most of the time, so you probably met him. It was awesome getting more involved inthe community and that's going to be a major goal of ours this year and in thecoming years. So look for us at events at festivals, at Hume and garden showswe'd love to see there a huge thing we're looking to do this spring for alot of you guys is prestorm inspections, which means we come out before thespringstorms hit. So we know exactly...

...what the condition of your property is.So if it does get hit by a storm, God forbid, we can tell exactly whatdamagis new and what was their prior t makes the claims process much mucheasier because we can say with evidence: here's how it was before here's how itis now. This is the right way to fix us. So please, please, let us know if wecan come out and check your property just to make sure that you have thepeace of mind hey if we do get hit. I have a professional report showingexactly what my property lookd like in January February march or whenever wecome out and look at your property. Okay. So please, let us know now: We'vegot the drawing for the lows gift card. First, so Jesse, let's Gev a name hundred bucks. It's a perfect time to get somethingfrom lows: Matthew Duck row. Congratulations! We will be reachingout to you. If you don't see this video now for the Yedicor big one...

...hope it's me. We've got Lisa Tutle, congratulations!Lisa! Now we'RE GOING TO DRAW! We had a couple! Other smaller prizes that wedidn't want to display so we'll draw a couple more names. I think it's for andthen you guys will receive these little prizes in the male wireless charger. Some cooking utensils. I think somesmall tools so Linda Myer you'll, be receiving asmall package in the mail Joan Taylor. Congratulations, you willalso be receiving a package Patty Vor, Patty Vo. We will reach out and wewill figure outyour last name spok to Andy Today, Anthony Covert, congratulations! Youguys will be receiving a little package in the mail, those of you on the bigprizes. Congratulations again! It was awesome connecting with you guys, reachout to us and let us know when we can set up your prestorm inspection. Thankyou.

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