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Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Do Not Repair Your Roof!


Hey Daniel here with CCI- and I have avery important message for you today- do not repair your roof now. Why, as a roofing contractor,would I be telling you not to repair your roof that doesn't make much sense?Does it well? I want you to consider a few things while you're thinking aboutmaintenance for your roof before you go to repair it and potentially caustyourself, a lot of money. I've seen it happen to a lot of apartment complexes.I've seen it happen to property managers and I've also seen it happento homeowner. So if you fall under any of these categories, listen to what I'msaying, because I don't want you to be hurt in the end. Okay, we've seen a lotof people dealing with insurance claims where they've patched their roof.They've made a repair. They've tried to maintain the property, but they've useda shingle that doesn't exactly match the shingles around it. So what they'vedone is now the insurance company Coul come in and say oh you're, clearly,okay, with a missmatchroof with a...

...patchwork quilt, so we're notresponsible now to make the whole thing match again we're just going to patchit up, and now it goes from a full replacement to a repair when theyshould have gotten the full roof replaced. I've seen this happencountless times, and usually you know you don't know any better you're justtrying to protect your home, but you don't think about the consequences thatthey could be down the road. So our three big things are local, honest andexperienced how this is going to apply to you apartment complexes, propertymanagers and homeowners in terms of roof repair. Roof maintenance is thatwe understand the storm dates and the storm events, so we know likely whenyour property was damaged. We know what type of wind speeds there were, whatsize hale. It may be we're very into with that, becausewe're here we look at storm reports. We see the hall reports, we know the windspeeds and we have a great understanding of building code. So whenwe're there inspecting your property checking for storm damage, we're goingto be able to know if there's something...

...out of building code or if there's aconcern, maybe the building code is recently changed and somethings not upto par honest. We care far more for the relationship and the longevity. Then wedo for the immediate business. So we're not going to come out to your propertyand tell you there's an issue when there's not an issue. We would ratherbuild that relationship over time and make sure that you trust us make surethat we're giving you honest feedback of the issues before we move forwardwith recommending a repair or recommending your replacement, we'regoing to tell you what to expect own the road with each step. We take okayyou're going to get that transparency from us, because again, what matters tous is the relationship. Not the immediate business now finallyexperienced this, especially in terms of insurance restoration. We havebetween everyone here at the company thousands of hours we have decades ofexperience dealing with insurance claims, so we can identify damage.We've got HAG certified inspectors. We have IICRC Certified Water Tex, we haveexactmate certifications. We have...

...everything. We need that to understandthe insurance restoration process, to make sure that we can tell you what toexpect and we can jump through the hoops to make sure you get a properoutcome. Okay, we also understand how to document damage. Now this is hugefor you. Apartment complexes, condo associations, property managers,maintenance on your rooth is huge because we can track throughout theyears. Maybe it's a small. You know annual or semiannual contract where wecome out and maintain your roofs. We make sure there's no issues, wedocument each time and now, if a storm event happens, we can say one hundredpercent. This is what the property looked like six months ago. This iswhat it looks like now. These are the clear new damages from this storm eventand there's no questions asked because we have that proper documentation inplace and we've done the homework to make sure that that process is easierfor you and your properties maintained and keeps his value. Okay. Now we know the proper repair methodsthat won't hinder your approval. So we're not going to go in and patch upyour roof and potentially disqualify... from a full replacement down theroad. That's huge we've seen it happen to a lot of people and it's reallyreally hard after that's happened for us to come in and do the right thing somake sure you use someone who is local, honest and experienced, and the finalthing with experiences were trusted by the biggest shape single manufacturersin America. Gaf and Owens corning both have selected us as preferred andcertified contractors to install their product. So you have the peace of mindthat, even if God forbid, we go out of business they're going to be backingour warranties. So it's always protected by a large billion dollarcompany that our work is done correctly great ratings on the BBB great ratingson Google, facebook Yelp we're here for you local, honest and experience zc.

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